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United T.yrant E.limination A.gency


In a world awash in conflict, when governments chose
to ignore the atrocities of dictators because it suits their
purposes, a select and motivated group women have decided
they will take on the task of ridding the world of tyrants.

Led by a woman whose determination is profound, the group
is responsible for the death and destruction of many of the
world’s most notorious dictators.

For a few of United T.yrant E.limination A.gency’s assassins it is very personal.

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Henri's Last Caress



A powerful love story of an unwanted betrothal and the ultimate
betrayal by a family so destitute any hope for a future lies in
selling their only daughter in marriage.

You’ll need your hand embroidered linen handkerchiefs for this haunting weepy.

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Exit 14b

Annoyed by the interruption of her chat with the polar bear Sally Wentham remains troubled all day. Once  her careful schedule disintegrates Sally is forced to juggle family, clients and employees until she and her son Dominick discover another world on their way to his soccer game. Sally’s day ends in a way no one could predict.

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